Get Out: Movie Review

I left the theater entertained, but with many thoughts after watching Jordan Peele’s Get Out. SPOILER ALERT: For those who are unfamiliar with the film it is about a young black male (Chris) who is in an interracial relationship with a white woman (Rose). They took a trip to Rose’s parents’ home. While there Chris faced many racial microaggressions from Rose’s parents and guests at their home. He discovered her family was kidnapping black people, hypnotizing them, and selling them to white people. But you should go watch it to get the rest of the details. Get Out left me with many thoughts as a young black male, but it has many insights for believers.

Informed Suspicion

Chris and Rod (Chris’s best friend) were very suspicious of Rose’s parents. They were doubtful her parents were void of prejudice or racism. Their suspicion of the dominant culture (white people) is common among African Americans. This is evident when they are entering into their environment. If you are a member of the dominant culture you believe minorities have no reason to fear you.

But history tells another story. Trusting the dominant culture has lead to exploitation. Trusting the dominant culture has resulted in reservations and the Tuskegee Experiment. What does this mean for the church?

In recent years church planting has become popular, particularly in urban areas. Minorities populate urban areas. Expect informed suspicion if you are seeking to minister to minorities. John 4 gives us a great example of what informed suspicion looks like. The Samaritan woman was suspicious of Jesus. Her suspicion was informed by the history of Jew and Samaritan relationships. This suspicion didn’t stop Jesus and it should not stop us.

Side note: Rejoice if you have gained the trust of minorities in a community. It is a huge accomplishment. If not, pray for God to give your church trust in the community.

Authenticity Reaches People

My dad would vote for Obama a third time if he could,” said Rose. Rose and her dad both told Chris about his political affiliations as an attempt to gain his trust. A couple at the gathering told Chris that they knew Tiger Woods. They were name dropping attempting to make Chris feel comfortable. It may seem acceptable to discuss what you assume black people like, but your assumptions would be based on generalizations.

Before the final stages of Chris’s transformation, he asked the question “Why black people?” He is asking why this group of white people want to transform themselves into black people. The DeAron translation of the response is “Y’all seem better.” I will admit I love black culture and it has a number characteristics that make it unique. Every culture has distinctive features that make it unique and God made them that way. Embrace the culture God has given you.

If you want to evangelize to minorities don’t disqualify yourself (in our eyes) by attempting to imitate behaviors that are associated with black culture. Becoming all things to all men (1 Corinthians 9:19-23) still requires you to be culturally appropriate. In other words, stay in your lane so some might be saved.

Hope for Interracial Couples

Get Out brought to light several significant struggles an interracial couple can have. The most significant is a lack of understanding about cultural distinctions. For example, Rose was unaware that sometimes black women disagree with interracial relationships. Black men, who date white women sometimes get mean looks that imply “Why is he with her and not a black woman?” I digress if you would like to know more about that click here. The main point is interracial relationships are hard, but not impossible.

I walked out of the theater thinking this film made the viewers think being in an interracial relationship is scary. In case you were wondering it is very unlikely you or your significant other will be hypnotized, auctioned off, and end up in a sunken place. Interracial relationships can be wonderful and flourish.

Interracial relationships can thrive through the power of the gospel. The gospel reconciles cultures and makes us fellow citizens (Ephesian 2:11-22). Gospel-centered compassion makes us love our neighbor, despite history (Luke 10:25-37). The gospel alters how we receive members of the body of Christ (Philemon). The gospel can change your prejudices along with those of your family and friends. Finally, interracial relationships are a reflection of an eschatological reality (Revelation 7:9). They are an earthly picture of what heavenly unity looks like.

Should You Go See It?

Yes, if you are seeking to receive the social commentary and have a discussion about it. Forewarning, it does contain a number curse words.

No, if you are looking for a funny, thrilling, or scary movie. It has a much deeper message than most movies in those selected genres.

Get Out offers many other insights that would be helpful for believers. However, I believe you can get better social commentary from minorities who are part of the body of Christ.


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