The Championship


I wrote this before the proposal…..

Why is this blog called the championship? My lady and I consider ourselves to be in a championship since January 2, 2014. We have called it a championship because we entered our relationship with the goal of us leaving it with some rings. Now the ring time has come and I am analyzing the whole presentation of the ring. In the voice of Rafiki “IT IS TIME.”  I am trying to figure out the model and formula for proposing. I am trying to figure out the perfect combination of a number of elements to get a “YES.” From popular opinion I have gathered it must be on one knee because presenting it on two knees is begging.  Which knee is the question now? Which hand do I present the ring with? Also, proposing is not the time to joke because you don’t want to start the engagement with her mad at you. So this is definitely not the time to present her with a ring pop after a heart felt speech or to say JK. For the proposal I am staying in between casually saying “you want this ring?” and renting out Hollywood for a musical proposal done by Stevie Wonder singing Isn’t She Lovely.

However, the details are important but I have had to continually remind myself she will remember a lot of things about the day. But the most important thing I want her to remember is that on that day DeAron motivated by the Spirit of God asked me to make a covenant with him in the presence of God and various people. My desire is for the presentation to not override the weightiness of the question I will be asking her.  The question is weighty and reminds me of a quote by G.K. Chesterson

“Marriage is an adventure, like going to war.”

My prayer is that I don’t get caught up in the method but in the question that I will be asking this special lady.

The End

Extra: I never thought I would make it this far. “I think God is calling you to another relationship.” “The Lord has given me an Abrahamic call so I just going to get and leave out of this relationship.” “I think the Lord may be calling me to be a Bun (Baptist Nun).” Christian break up lines are the worst because a lot of times incorporating God in the picture makes everything you say after irrelevant. You can argue with “Thus says the Lord” but not many people come out winning this debate. I thought a number of times I would become a victim of a dreaded Christian break up line. However, if it were to happen I would become the a biblicist that day and ask questions like “So God said that…When did you learn Greek,Hebrew,and Aramaic?” However, all that was free.


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